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, peter -- >> in the debate last year when they were talking about fema, john king asked him should we cut fema and put that money into other things. he said, his response, should fema be occur failed to save federal -- curtailed to save federal dollars, romney said absolutely. every time you have and occasion to take something from the federal government and send it back to the states, that's the right direction. if you can even go further and send it back to the private sector, that's even better. >> peter -- >> quick point, that is that you cannot run for president, you cannot talk this way when it is -- it was very clear with george bush, he undervalued fema, to put it under homeland security, put brownie, great job brownie who was a horse guy, political appointee in this, this has been professionalized, pulled up, fema runs well because you have a president that believes in it. >> okay. >> jim? >> are you telling me that barack obama made -- before barack obama, fema sucked is that what you're telling me? >> i'm telling you. >> no, that's what you're saying. >> they cut the budget for
's at the forecast, back to you. >> all right sir, thank you very much. >>> fema has activated the search and rescue team. crews are waiting to get word as to where they may be heading. melanie is live there with the details on that. melanie. >> reporter: good morning, tony, yes the fairfax urban county search and rescue team has been mobilized. they got the word around noon yesterday. they had six hours to get their gear together, get packed and come here where they are waiting to get word from fema where they are going to go. where their skills are going to be most needed to respond to the afteraffect of this storm. we to want direct all of the questions to the captain of the, chief, of the urban search and rescue team. i was impressed, got to get everything together, you don't know where you're going. >> right, we don't know officially where we'll be. we have to mobilize, 80 member time name place here since last night. we're packed up, ready to go and waiting on word from fema. >> reporter: you could stay close, you could go very far? >> yep, we have buss to move the team around. we've told them
is using this as a chance to look like a leader. sitting there in that fema chair, he looks like a leader. bringing people together. and encouraging them to fix this mess. >> what about you? >> i think it will definitely have somewhat of an impact. people really hate the bipartisan ship in government. can really only help obama and romney should jump on the bandwagon and cozy up with the democratic governor. >> you heard the professor say it, they are going to pick the president today. watch all this live online. back to you. >> very interesting. thank you very much. >> we also have our eyes on the big u.s. senate race in virginia. last week george allen on for extended interview. today we talked in depth with tim kaine. he tried to set the record straight on where he stands on taxes. >> i have a simple tax plan. let the bush tax cuts expire. even they get the tax cut up to 500,000. if you let that expire, you raise $500 billion. that's the way we can avoid cuts. very simple plan. my opponent opposes it . that makes the deficit worse without helping the economy. >> you can see both full i
power, governor bob mcdonald authorized members of the virginia national guard to help. and fema activated the fairfax county search and rescue team. >> crews will be heading out later this afternoon. melanie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning allison and tony, that is just one of the ways that fairfax can be the isgetting ready. the urban search and rescue team mobilized yesterday. they spent a good part yesterday packing up their gear and they will be mobilizing this morning until they get the call from fema in terms of where their skill set is most need aid long eastern sea board. we are here in fair lakes we've been out in front of the 24 hour wal-mart here. probably since before 4:00 this morning, i think we're getting a blast of things to come, ere none a while, we get a cold icy wind blast. and we can see that things are going to get much worse. i want to bring in this person who was kind enough to brave the roads this morning to talk to us a little bit about how things are going in the didn't. you said nothing closed so far, but everybody is on the ready. >> no road
policies, but a lot of homeowners in fema-designated flood zones didn't have a choice, they had to buy flood insurance. so they're likely to be covered as well because flood insurance policy covers not only for a flood, but also a storm surge. >> we also want to remind you that refrigerated food can spoil quickly during a power outage. to keep items in the refrigerator as cool as possible, the centers for disease control and prevention suggests packing together dairy items, fish, meat, and also with eggs in a cooler with ice. tony. >> use a food thermometer to check food that's been in a dark refrigerator. anything that's more than 40 degrees fahrenheit, throw it out. for the freezer section, a half full freezer will keep food cold -- will keep food cold enough for about a day. a full freezer protects frozen foods for about 48 hours. and avoid opening either the refrigerator or the freezer to keep the interiors cold for as long as possible. >>> we want to thank everyone who has sent in their pictures, their videos, the picture behind us was taken in boyds maryland. >> obviously we can
in fema-designated flood zones don't have a choice, they had to buy flood insurance, so they're likely to be covered as well because flood insurance policy covers not only for a flood, but also a storm surge. the other coverage, you talked about falling trees, if a tree were to fall on a car, so long as you have comprehensive coverage and about 80% of the people, drivers opt to purchase it, you're covered on that as well when it comes to the auto insurance. >> an older car, like the one that i drive, though, will most of us just have liability and we're out of luck, right? >> i would say yes and i think that's why if you talk to insurance agents, they say if you're going to drop one on an older car, it's better to drop collision because collision is pricier than comprehensive and you have comprehensive coverage not only -- the answer is not just described with the tree falling on the car, but the comprehensive also covers you for a partial or submerged flooding of a vehicle. >> it's too late at this point if you haven't done the work that you were supposed to do, the itemizing and all
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6